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Is an ERV Effective in the Winter?

Heating one’s home is not to be taken lightly. The winter weather in this part of the country is far too harsh and long-lasting to take any chances with the performance quality of one’s heating system. Of course, you also don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg in order to heat your home, nor should you have to sacrifice sufficient ventilation and great indoor air quality in your pursuit of efficient heating. If you think that enjoying efficient, effective heating as well as high indoor air quality is asking too much, think again. Just use an ERV in West Jordan, UT. Read on, and contact Design Comfort if you think that an ERV is a good fit for your home.

How Energy Recovery Ventilation Works

The term “energy recovery ventilation” may sound a bit convoluted at first, but it actually describes its process quite exactly. An ERV is a device that ventilates one’s home, while recovering thermal energy in the process. This means that, in the winter, the ERV vents warm, but stale, air out of one’s home. Because you don’t want to waste the energy that you’ve used in order to heat that outgoing air, though, the energy recovery ventilator re-purposes it, using it to pre-warm the incoming air, which is cold but fresh. In doing so, the process sets itself apart from simply throwing a window open, in which case you’d have fresh air, but would be wasting thermal energy.

Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilation

The benefits of energy recovery ventilation are many. First of all, it helps you to heat—and cool, as the system works in the summer to pre-cool air, as well—your home in a more efficient manner, cutting down on energy costs. Secondly, it helps to maintain great indoor air quality. In addition to keeping your air fresh, it also helps to maintain sufficient humidity in your home. The air dries out in the winter, so exchanging humidity between the incoming and outgoing airstreams is hugely beneficial. Contact us to learn more.


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