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Could I Benefit from Using a Whole-House Humidifier?

It can certainly get very warm around here in the summer season, with highs commonly rising past the 90° mark. What we typically don’t have in the summer season, though, is a whole lot of humidity. This is beneficial in a way. After all, you’ve surely heard the old adage that it’s not the heat which gets you, but rather the humidity. However, having too little humidity is equally problematic, a fact that many homeowners may fail to realize. If you have insufficient levels of humidity in your home, further exacerbated by your AC drying out the air in the summer months, then give us a call. Design Comfort is happy to outfit your home with a quality whole-house humidifier in Taylorsville.

Effects of Low Humidity Upon the Body

A major reason for investing in a whole-house humidifier, which is installed directly into your HVAC system for convenient, effective use, is to make your home a more comfortable place for people to be. The human body requires a certain level of humidity in the air in order to be comfortable and healthy. If there is not enough humidity in the air surrounding you, your skin may begin to dry up, becoming itchy and flaky. Your mucous membranes may also dry up, making you more susceptible to illness and issues with allergy symptoms. You may even experience frequent sore throats or nosebleeds. By adding the right amount of humidity into the air, you can avoid such unpleasant developments.

Effects of Low Humidity Upon the Home

Your property itself may also suffer if the air within it is too dry. Floorboards, furniture, and other wooden fixtures therein may split and crack. Annoying static shocks may become more common, which can put sensitive electronics at risk of damage. You may also find that your wallpaper is splitting or that paint is chipping away from surfaces. Protect your home and your health, as well as that of other residents in your home, by putting a whole-house humidifier to use in your living space.

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