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When to Consider Heating Repair Services

After a long, hot summer, moving into the cooler time of the year can actually come as something of a relief. However, you must know for certain that your heating system is in great working condition if you hope to live comfortably as the “cooler time of the year” transitions into the full-fledged winter season. As well-made and routinely serviced as your heater may be, remember that no heater is ever going to offer 100% reliability. With that in mind, it behooves you to learn to recognize the signs that your heater is in trouble. Below you’ll find a few examples of instances in which you should schedule professional heating repair in Salt Lake City, UT. If you notice these issues, call Design Comfort to schedule service.

Loud or Unfamiliar Sounds

If you hear sounds coming from your heater that are louder than normal, or if they are of a variety that you’ve never heard before, let us know right away. Your heater will certainly make some noise as it operates. However, it should not be emitting screeching or clanging noises, or very loud sounds in general. These can be indicative of serious problems.

Unusually High Heating Costs

If you’ve been using your heating system for at least a couple of seasons, then you likely have some idea of just how much it costs in order to heat your home effectively. Yes, heating costs will fluctuate depending upon the weather at any given time. Any inexplicable spikes in heating costs, though, are likely a sign that your heater is in trouble.

Cold Spots Throughout the House

Your heater, if properly sized and professionally installed, should be able to heat your home evenly and effectively. If you have areas of your home that are just never as warm and cozy as others, the problem may lie with the condition of your heater. The only way to be certain of the issue is to schedule service with professional heating repair technicians.

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