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The Benefits of a Duel Fuel System in Salt Lake City

floor-ventIf you’re asking what a dual fuel system is, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Before we jump into how one of these systems can benefit you and your home, we’ll go ahead and answer this question first.

The thing about a gas furnace for your heating needs is, it’s not perfect. It can be too powerful on milder winter nights, meaning that it’s drawing more energy than is really necessary to keep you warm. An electric heat pump isn’t perfect either–it actually struggles to work as a heating system if temperatures drop too terrible low during the winter, which can be a real pain in Salt Lake City!

It’s too bad that there isn’t something that combines the two, right?

Wait, that’s exactly what a dual fuel heating system is! Read on to learn more.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Dual fuel systems, also called dual fuel heat pumps, combine the power of a gas furnace with the efficiency of an electric heat pump. These two systems combine provide superior comfort that just can’t be matched by a singular system. How so?

Increases Home Efficiency

As we alluded to in the beginning of this blog post, gas furnaces and heat pumps each have unique qualities that can either make them ideal, or a terrible choice, for your home. Heat pumps are very efficient as air conditioners in the summer. For heating, they start to struggle when temperatures drop below freezing–otherwise, they’re great for milder winter days. Heat pumps work by transferring heat through a refrigerant process, and if there is no heat to transfer, that creates a bit of a problem. With a gas powered-furnace, you can always count on powerful heating for the coldest of winter days, but what about our milder temperatures in fall or spring? You may be using more power than you really need to in order to stay comfortable.

By combining a heat pump with a furnace, you can overcome these unique disadvantages. When temperatures drop too low in the winter for your heat pump to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, it signals the furnace to turn on, and then you’ll get the powerful heat you need. This way you aren’t paying too much for your energy use with a furnace, but you’re also not losing out on any comfort with a struggling heat pump.

Better for the Environment

A dual fuel heat pump system provides you with improved efficiency and sustainable comfort. Why should you use more energy or fuel than you actually need to to keep you and your family comfortable? Heat pumps are powered by electricity, which is efficient and clean for the environment, and on the chillier days and nights where the furnace is needed, it burns natural gas, which is a clean-burning fuel that’s very efficient and affordable in our area.

A dual fuel system ultimately helps you save energy, help the environment, and save money!

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