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Should I Use a Zone Control System with My Heater?

Now that we are back into the winter season once more, you’ve probably been running your heater pretty regularly. That also means that you’ve been reminded of just how much it costs in order to keep your home warm and comfortable during the coldest time of the year. If you’d like to scale back your heating costs, or if you’re just interested in getting a better performance from your home heating system, give the pros on our staff a call.We have a few different options for you to consider, with one of the best being the use of a zone control system in Holladay, UT

How Does Zone Control Work?

Many, many homeowners use furnaces or heat pumps in order to heat their homes, which means that they also use air ducts in order to distribute heated air throughout their homes. This used to mean that you’d have to heat every area of your home to the same temperature, though, which really doesn’t make all that much sense. By incorporating a zone control system into your heating system at large, you can heat your home in a more conscientious fashion.

A zone control system entails the use of a central control panel, electronic dampers, and multiple thermostats. The dampers are installed strategically within your ductwork system, and are wired into the panel. So too are the thermostats, with one being installed in each temperature zone. When any one of these thermostats is adjusted, the corresponding dampers will adjust as well. This allows for more or less heated air to enter any given zone.

Benefits of Zone Control

Because you can heat or, for that matter, cool only those areas of your home that you desire, you can cut down on energy costs without sacrificing an iota of comfort in the process. This also helps everyone in your home to live comfortably, too. After all, not everyone is going to prefer the same temperature settings. Contact us today to take advantage of all that zone control has to offer.

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