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Is Your Furnace Ready to Be Replaced?

Chances are that with the cooler temperatures we’ve experienced recently, you’ve turned your heater on already this season. If so, then hopefully you haven’t noticed any detrimental problems with it. How do you know when something is wrong with your furnace, anyway?

Are there clear signs that a furnace needs extensive repairs, or is in need of replacement? While some furnace problems might be hard for the average homeowner such as yourself to prevent or detect, there are certainly some telltale signs that your furnace is ready to be upgraded.

Uneven Heating

Walk throughout your home and see if you notice various hot and cold spots throughout the living space. If so, then the best thing you can do is to seek professional assistance. It may be an airflow problem related to your ductwork, and if so then your furnace may be okay for this year. However, only a professionally trained and experienced HVAC professional can determine this for sure.

Inadequate Heating

So what if you don’t have hot and cold spots, but rather your furnace simply isn’t heating up your home as it should? Since the whole purpose of a furnace is to do just that, this can be an infuriating issue to deal with. There are a few different reasons this may occur, but one is that your furnace has aged to a point that it simply cannot perform as efficiently as it once did.

Increased Energy Bills

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills even though you aren’t using your furnace any more than you do any other year? Heating bills always fluctuate. However, if you see a sudden increase with no justifiable cause, then it may be that something is wrong that’s preventing your furnace from working as it should. Ideally, this can be fixed, but it may simply be that your furnace has run out its useful service life.

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