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Is My Furnace in Trouble?

As the heating season progresses, you’ll find yourself running your heater, furnace or otherwise, more and more regularly. Hopefully you’ve had your heater professionally maintained prior to this point, so that it is in the best working condition possible during its heaviest usage time of the year. Even if your system was well-tuned up, though, there is always a chance that you’ll encounter problems of some sort over the course of the heating season. Should this happen, you need to recognize the problem as soon as possible so as to have the issues resolved promptly. Failure to schedule prompt furnace repairs in Holladay, UT can lead to compromised comfort, and even further damage to your system. Contact Design Comfort if you have any heating system concerns.

Furnace Short Cycles

When your furnace starts up, it shouldn’t run for just a few minutes before shutting back down again. This starting and stopping is called short cycling, and it can place a lot of unnecessary strain and wear and tear on your heating system. There are a few different reasons as to why a furnace may short cycle, including faulty thermostats registering incorrect temperatures, or a thermocouple that is malfunctioning and shutting the system down as a safety precaution.

Furnace Heats Unevenly

Assuming that you have a well-designed system of ductwork in your home, and that your duct registers are not accidentally blocked off or sealed up, your furnace should be capable of delivering heated air throughout your home in an even and effective manner. If this is not the case, then you may have an air leak in your ductwork, allowing heated air to escape before it makes its way to its intended destination. You may also have fan issues, leaving your furnace incapable of effective air distribution.

Furnace Trips Breaker

Furnaces, along with other major appliances and systems in one’s home, run on their own designated circuits—ideally, anyway. If your furnace is tripping your circuit breaker, then it may not be safe to be using that furnace on whichever circuit it’s running on. Our technicians will figure out where the problem lies, and make any repairs to your furnace that it may need to function reliably. We can also determine if a professional electrician will need to be called in.

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