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How To Avoid Heating Repairs This Season


The first day of winter is almost here. With the storms we’ve been having, that probably isn’t a surprise. Despite the storms, our beautiful winter weather is one of the perks of living here and many Utahns look forward to this time of year.

However, one of the essential things that lets you enjoy the brisk weather is having a heating system that’ll keep your home warm and cozy when the coldest temperatures set in. A dependable heater isn’t a luxury in Utah; it’s a necessity. How confident are you in your heater’s ability to see your family through the coldest weather with no hiccups?

You should be able to depend on uninterrupted warmth from your heating system this season. Our technicians are always available for any heater repairs in Salt Lake City you may need. However, the ideal situation is to avoid furnace issues in the first place. Here are our recommendations on how to avoid heating repairs this winter.

Schedule Heater Maintenance

One of the biggest assumptions people make when it comes to heater maintenance is thinking that it has to be done early. However, that’s just not true. Although it’s ideally done in the fall, your heating system will benefit from maintenance even after you’ve been using it for a few months. 

A heater that is maintained regularly is less likely to need those unexpected repairs that always seem to occur on the coldest days of the year. Look at it this way: it’s better to call us now for mid-season maintenance while your heater is still running than to call us for a repair when it’s not working at all.

Change the Filter on a Regular Basis

This is an easy thing to do that really helps your heater run smoothly and efficiently. Your HVAC system’s filter protects its interior parts from dirt and dust that enter through the return air ducts. We recommend a new filter before the heating season starts and then changing it every 1-3 months, depending on which type of filter it takes. A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder which can lead to it overheating.

Don’t Crank the Heat Up

Some homeowners assume that the best way to warm a space faster is by turning the heat way up. This simply isn’t true. When you set the thermostat to a high setting, all you’re doing is forcing your heating system to run longer. Cranking the heat up won’t warm your living space any faster. It just increases the strain on your system which can lead to potential breakdowns.

Don’t Ignore Potential Problems

We know it’s easier to ignore the warning signs that your heater is having issues but ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. By addressing any potential problems early on, you’ll save money, headaches, and hassle. An early, easy repair that stops a future expensive repair is the kind you won’t mind getting!

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