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How Maintenance Leads to Less Energy Consumption

Here in Salt Lake City, heating maintenance should be as regular and understandable as getting the oil changed in your car. All appliances suffer from wear and tear, and our environment doesn’t readily forgive neglect. Nothing is more exasperating than having to deal with a heating repair service in the middle of a cold front, and scheduling an upkeep session before the snows start to fall can lower that risk considerably. Perhaps more importantly, it can save you money in monthly bills by reducing the amount of energy that your heater uses. Here’s how maintenance leads to less energy consumption.

When your heater sits unused for a period of time (such as during the summer when you don’t need it very often), it builds up dust and grime. This increases friction in moving parts, which forces those parts to work harder in order to do their jobs. Dust can also clog up the air filters which can cause problems with the flow of warm air through your home. All of which severely impacts your heater’s ability to function as smoothly as it should.

Little problems can add up to a loss of efficiency as well. For instance, a loose bolt holding the fan motor in place may cause the motor to rattle in place, preventing it from operating efficiently. Or a small breach between two ducts could let hot air escape the heating system instead of being piped into your home like it’s supposed to be. Eventually, those small problems could turn into much larger ones – costing you money in repairs – but in the meantime, all they do is suck energy out of your heater and stick you with the bill.

Routine heating maintenance in Salt Lake City can correct a number of those problems: cleaning the dust off, tightening loose fittings and otherwise making the heater as ship-shape as it can be. In return, the heater doesn’t need as much energy to do its job and your monthly bills will keep from creeping up. The professionals at Design comfort can help with this process. We’re based in Salty Lake City, heating maintenance is a part of our offered services, and we can show you how maintenance leads to less energy consumption. Give us a call today!

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