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Heating Tip: Understanding Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings

When you are in the market for a new heat pump for your Salt Lake City home, there are a few different efficiency ratings to pay attention to. The different ratings for various heating systems are called AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), HSPF (heating system performance factor), and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).

All of these numbers measure how much fuel the particular model of heating or AC system converts into heat. Unlike furnaces, which are only measured by the AFUE rating, heat pumps are measured by both the AFUE and SEER ratings, since they both heat and cool the home. However, they can also be measured by the HSPF number. You should consider these numbers when shopping for a new heat pump since they will determine the potential energy savings.

Keep in mind that if a heat put out by a heat pump is measured by the HSPF, then that number should be divided by the electricity used that season. The remaining percentage accounts for any heat lost through leaky ductwork, poorly insulated areas in the home, and other areas where heat is lost. If the cost of electricity used is more than the energy savings, you may want to consider a high-efficiency gas furnace. Be sure to speak with an HVAC contractor you can trust so that you feel confident that you are getting the most cost-efficient heating system for your home.

Always call the Salt Lake City heating experts at Design Comfort to help you select a new high-efficiency heating system for your home.

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