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Heating Tip: Increase Heating Efficiency with These Simple Steps

There’s a lot to love about winter. The holidays! The snowmen! The heating bills! Okay, maybe not that last one, but don’t worry. The Salt Lake City heating experts at Design Comfort have some great tips to help you heat your home more efficiently this winter. Follow these suggestions and enjoy the comfort you want without breaking the bank. See what else you can come up with to make this heating season as affordable as possible.

  • Keep the Heat In: There’s really no point in heating your backyard. Keep your heat inside where it will do some good. Weatherstripping doors, shrink wrapping windows and re-caulking stationary seams are all easy, affordable ways to make sure that heat you pay for is staying in your home. The squirrels can take care of themselves. Use your heat to keep your own family warm.
  • Reverse Your Fans: If you didn’t know that your ceiling fans have 2 settings you are only utilizing half of their potential. Ceiling fans have a switch on their fixtures that reverse the direction in which the fan blades rotate. On most models the winter setting will have the blades spinning clockwise. This forces the heat that has risen back down into the living space, allowing for consistent, even heating.
  • Get an Audit: Audits aren’t just for tax season, and you’re probably not seeking one out in that case. A home energy audit, though, is a great way to learn more about your home’s energy efficiency. Procedures such as a blower door test can help pinpoint areas where your home is wasting energy, allowing you to make the necessary repairs and cut down on utility costs.
  • Skip the Takeout: Cooking at home can help you save money in more than one way. Enjoy healthier meals that go a longer way than pizza place or sandwich shop down the street while also enjoying the warmth of an active kitchen. The time around the table is the icing on the cake. (Bonus Tip: If you’re not ready to leave the warmth of the kitchen, bake a cake!)
  • Use Your Thermostat: A lot of people have newer, programmable thermostats. A lot of people also completely ignore their functions and settings. Take a few minutes to look over that user’s manual and get the most out of your thermostat. Programmable settings make it easy to heat your home in a more efficient manner without having to settle for chilly evenings.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can maintain warm, cozy temperatures more efficiently. Challenge yourself and your family to add to the list. You’ll be surprised at the big savings that can come from small changes to your home heating habits.

If you have any questions regarding your home’s heating, Call Design Comfort today! Over the years, Design Comfort has been building a loyal clientele throughout the Salt Lake City area.

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