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Heating Tip: How To Tell If I Have Air Flow Problems

You depend upon your heating system to provide excellent airflow throughout your home, no matter what type of system you have. But, at times, airflow throughout your ductwork can become impeded, or something breaks down within your heater that causes it to heat inadequately or unevenly. It’s important to monitor your heating system to make sure that you notice when such things occurs. That way, you are ready to call a professional heating repair expert. Airflow problems can negatively impact your comfort and your energy efficiency. Call Design Comfort  today for Salt Lake City heating service!

Here are some indications that may be alerting you to an airflow problem:

  • Inadequate heating. If your heater no longer heats as well as it once did, or if you notice a sharp decrease in the amount of heat that emerges from your ductwork, then you should take heed. There might be a fault within the mechanical components of your heater, or there may be debris blocking your duct vents or registers.
  • Uneven heating. Depending upon what type of system you have and how it circulates heated air into and through your home, uneven heating can also indicate airflow problems. If certain aspects of your ductwork become clogged or even partially blocked, then the corresponding section of your home may suffer from cold spots. This can also indicate a thermostat problem.
  • Clogged air filter. Occasionally, you may not really notice a change in your airflow if it occurs gradually. But checking the air filter of your system can often be revealing. If your air filter is dirty or clogged, then replacing it will not only improve your indoor air quality, it will also boost your energy efficiency.
  • Cracked or leaky ductwork. If your ductwork is cracked or loose, your heated air may be lost within the walls of your home, or even returned to the cold air outside.

Airflow problems can be irritating and costly. Fortunately, your local Salt Lake City heating professional is here to help. Call Design Comfort today for comprehensive Salt Lake City heating services, from installation to repair.

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