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When to Trade in a Heating Repair for Heater Replacement

gas-powered-furnace-systemIf you’re reading this now, it likely means you are facing an unexpected problem with your heating system. We’re sorry, we know that’s quite the inconvenience, to put it lightly. The good news is, when you work with our team, you can rest assured that you’ll be matched with a professional who knows a thing or two about heating systems and what the best course of action to take is with your heater.

Sometimes, it may be a repair. But other times, your aging heater may be beyond repair—you need a new heater. We’ve covered some signs below that it is, in fact, time to say goodbye to your current heating system and invest in a new one.

Signs Your Heater Is in Distress

Maybe you already know that you at least need repairs done on your heater. But where do you draw the line between repairs and replacement? Keep reading!

How Old Is Your Heater?

If your furnace or heating system is over a decade old, chances are it’s almost time to think about upgrading, even if your repair needs have been minimal. If you have an older heater and are faced with the following problems, then we definitely recommend replacement.

Are Your Utility Bills Rising Unexpectedly?

If your heater is over a decade old, we’re going to guess that you know to expect with your winter utility bills. So, if your gas or electric bill arrives and it’s much larger than years past, it’s time to take a look at the condition of your heater. It may be that it’s simply not efficient enough anymore to keep up with the demand you’re placing on it.

Are You Experiencing Noisy System Operation?

If your heater has never been noisy, and suddenly you detect one unfamiliar noise, then it could very well be just that your heater needs a repair. These noises may include clicking, hissing, or mechanical grinding. However, if your system is overall running much noisier than it used to, or your constantly barraged with an orchestra of odd and unfamiliar noises, chances are your heater’s age is to blame and it’s time for an upgrade.

Have You Noticed Uneven Heating?

Have you noticed that some parts of your home feel colder than usual even when your heater is on? Uneven heating is sometimes a sign that you have a ductwork leak, but can also be an indication that your heater is losing its ability to function. You won’t typically feel a general drop in comfort around the home, at first, but you will notice cold spots in the rooms furthest from your heater.

Replacing outdated, broken down heaters is one of the ways our technicians help homeowners throughout the greater Salt Lake City area. If you’re unsure if your heater can get by with another repair or if it is in fact time to upgrade yours, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

For quality Salt Lake City heating services, contact our team today. See what keeps our customers saying, “I Love My Design Comfort!”

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