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Choosing Your New Heating System

You may not be ready for summer to end, but this reticence on your part will do nothing to prevent the onset of winter in just a few short weeks. With this in mind, it is in your best interest to schedule your heating installation or replacement services  before the winter season can really get underway. Our technicians are only to get busier the closer heating season comes. If you are serious about enjoying reliable, consistent heating in Salt Lake City, UT, then schedule your heating services  with a member of our staff. Design Comfort is here to ensure that you have the right heating system in place for  your needs.


The furnace just may be the most ubiquitous home heating system on the market today. By burning fuel, such as natural gas or propane, or by using electrical resistance heat, a furnace applies heat to air directly. This heated air is then distributed throughout the home via air ducts. This method of heating allows for prompt, effective heating throughout an entire household. It can also leave the air feeling a bit dry,  though, and the method of distribution can stir up pollutants within the home.


A boiler doesn’t heat air directly in the way that a furnace does. Instead, it will heat water  and distribute that water throughout the house via a hydronic heating system, or it will heat the water to steam, sending this steam to radiators. In either event, this method of cooling may not be as quick as using a furnace. It can, however, eliminate the risk of problems developing with indoor air quality or dry air.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating, such as the aforementioned hydronic heating style,  brings temperatures up throughout the home by radiating heat to the surfaces and objects therein. This includes the human body. While a boiler may be used in a radiant heating system, electric radiant systems are also available. Electricity can be a costly power source for heating, though. Work with us to ensure that you have the right heating system for your needs.

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