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Benefits of a Humidifier to Your Home

Living in Salt Lake City means dealing with very dry temperatures, especially during the summer. Although humid climates are often very uncomfortable, dry climates bring their own problems as well that range from health issues to furniture damage. Because of the city’s dry climate, we advise many people to install a humidifier in their home to alleviate some of the issues that low humidity can cause.

Design Comfort installs whole-house humidifiers that incorporate into current HVAC systems so that they work with a home’s cooling and heating throughout the year. Look to us whenever you need heating repair service in Salt Lake City, UT or other solutions to your comfort problems.

Reasons a humidifier will help you

  • Improved health: Dry air can create a number of health troubles, such as itchy eyes and frequent nose bleeds. It is especially damaging to skin. In addition to alleviating these problems, a humidifier is also beneficial to your lungs and nasal passages, which will help you heal from common illnesses. For people in your home with asthma and allergies, humidifiers will offer them immense relief. Humidifiers have also been shown to help stop snoring and allow people to sleep better.
  • Less damage to furnishings: At low humidity levels, wallpaper will begin to peel, wooden surfaces on furniture start to crack, and paint chip off all kinds of surfaces. Increasing the humidity is good for your home’s décor in general.
  • Save money with heating: Balanced humidity in your home will make it easier for you to get comfortable with your HVAC system during the winter. You know that you feel hotter with high humidity. It works the opposite way as well: you feel colder in low humidity. A dehumidifier will make your house feel warmer in cold weather, and that means you’ll spend less money running your heater.
  • Reduced static electricity: If static electricity is a constant problem for you—from shocks on doorknobs to rumbled clothes to frizzy hair—a humidifier will reduce the problem.

Schedule professional humidifier installation

Although you can buy small humidifiers for individuals rooms, to get the most balanced indoor humidity requires installing a whole-house unit. This job is technical and requires a professional. Contact Design Comfort for help with getting a whole-house humidifier today. We also repair and replace old, rundown humidifiers. Call us when you need heating repair in Salt Lake City, UT to make this winter more comfortable.

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