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3 Common Boiler Repairs

Boilers have been around a long time, and they are still a very popular heating option for many homeowners. As with any heating system, regular operation can take a toll, and at some point your heating system will need repair. There are some problems that occur more often than others when it comes to boilers, but for any heating repair, make sure to call the people you can trust: Design Comfort.

3 Common Reasons for Boiler Repair

A boiler can need repair for many reasons, but here are some problems that can occur more than others:

  • Leaks – boilers use water to provide heating to your home. There is water in the holding tank, water in the piping and water in the distribution outlets; at some point, it is very likely that a leak will develop. Common leak locations are circulating pumps, which help move the water through the pipes; valves, which are in a number of places around the system, including radiators; and on the intake pipe, where the water from your water line or well brings water into the boiler’s holding tank.
  • Problems with the pipes – one of the problems that can develop with the pipes of a boiler system is scaling. Scaling occurs when the minerals in the water start to build on the inside of the pipes (this tends to be a bigger problem with areas that have hard water). An acid flush of the system can usually remove the build-up. A second problem can be air lock, which occurs when a pocket of air gets trapped in the system. Air pockets block the circulating warm water, which interrupts the heating.
  • Circulating pump issues – as mentioned above, circulating pumps are necessary to help push the water through the piping. Each pump has a valve and an electrical component, and both components can develop issues that affect the pump’s operation. Circulating pumps can also develop leaks, which can lower the pressure needed in the system.

It can be tempting to ignore problems with your heating system, but problems don’t get better on their own. If you are experiencing heating problems, call Design Comfort today and schedule boiler repairs in Salt Lake City with one of our HVAC experts.


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