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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

white-question-mark-on-blue-circleAs the temperature begins getting higher and higher in Salt Lake City, keeping your air conditioner on becomes more important to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable. 

As long as the air conditioner is working fine, people tend to ignore the maintenance needs for the unit. Not scheduling regular maintenance can start causing your AC to malfunction.

One possible air conditioner problem people face is that their unit starts leaking water inside the house. Is your air conditioner leaking water? Are you wondering why that’s happening?

We will discuss some of the reasons your air conditioner might be leaking water and help you understand why it’s important to call professionals for Salt Lake City AC repair immediately.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

An air conditioner can start leaking water inside the house because of several possible problems. While many of these require quick fixes that you can handle yourself, others are more sophisticated and need professional attention.

Here are some of the reasons your AC could be leaking water inside the house.

Clogged air filter

As your air conditioner keeps running, the air filter keeps dirt and debris from entering the system and protects it so it can continue doing its job of keeping your home cool. Eventually, the air filter becomes too dirty, and that can restrict the airflow. Restricted airflow over the evaporator coils can cause the evaporator coils to cool down too much.

Ice begins to form on the evaporator coils, and the excess water caused by the melting ice can cause the drip pan to overflow. This can result in water leaking inside your house through the main unit. Replacing the air filters once every 1-3 months can prevent this problem and keep your air conditioner working efficiently.

Clogged drain pipe

The drain pipe is responsible for draining all the excess water outside your home from your air conditioner. If any dirt and debris clog the drain, it can block the water from draining out, and it builds up inside the main air conditioning unit, causing it to leak water indoors. 

Improper air conditioner installation

If your air conditioner has been recently installed and it is leaking water, there is a chance that the installation wasn’t done correctly. Improper installation can lead to the AC and condenser drain being disproportionate. When the condenser drain is not properly aligned with your air conditioner, it can interrupt the water flow or even cause the water to flow back into your air conditioner.

Call The Experts Immediately

Your air conditioner may keep cooling your home properly despite leaking water, but you should never ignore this problem. Letting the water leak problem continue can lead to water damage inside your house and even cause electrical problems. If you notice water leaking from your air conditioner, we recommend turning off your AC and getting in touch with professionals to immediately diagnose and fix the problem.

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