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It Is Important that Your New AC Is of the Right Size

Investing in a new air conditioning system is a common undertaking at this point in the year. We’ve moved out of the winter season, but we aren’t running our air conditioners with any regularity┬ájust yet, and won’t be for at least a few weeks’ time. If you are interested in pursuing a new air conditioning system, though, we must warn you that working with a trained professional is the only way in which you can hope to get the AC best suited for your needs. One key factor to consider is the size of your air conditioner. Schedule your AC installation in Salt Lake City, UT with us to guarantee that your system functions as expected.

Why Does the Size of My AC Matter So Much?

When you try to cool your home with an air conditioner that is simply too small for your residence, it really doesn’t matter how well-made that system is. It is simply not going to be capable of cooling your entire home in a successful manner. It is going to leave hot spots throughout your house, and even those areas that are cooled are likely not going to be cooled to the degree that you’d prefer. Not to mention, your air conditioner is going to run far more than it should as it attempts to cool your home, which can actually leave you to pay more money for a weaker AC performance, as your system burns through energy. Plus, the excess wear and tear on the system will make it more susceptible to operational problems.

Now, if you are thinking that a bigger AC is inherently going to be better, think again. It’s not about buying the biggest AC that you can find, but rather finding the one that best fits your home. If your system is too big, it is going to short cycle frequently. This, too, can drive up energy costs. Plus, you are going to be paying for a cooling capacity that you’ll simply never need.

Let Design Comfort ensure that you have the ideal AC installed in your home.

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