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Heed These Late Season AC Tips!

animated-gif-checklistSummer is nearing its final weeks. This means that soon enough we’ll be able to turn off our air conditioners and start enjoying cooler weather again! Except, maybe you shouldn’t rush to just shut off that AC system without giving it a second thought.

The thing is, this is the time of year that air conditioners are most likely to break down, especially if they’re older cooling systems or they had repair needs that weren’t taken care of. Your system can also breakdown if you skipped maintenance this year. The reason for this is because they’ve been through so much work over the last several months. Heed the tips below to ensure that next spring, you’ll have an air conditioner ready to work through another summer!

Take Care of Repair Needs!

Have you heard a funny noise coming from your AC in recent weeks? Or perhaps you noticed higher than average utility bills. Whatever the symptom, now is no time to ignore it. There could be something very minor wrong with your air conditioner.

But letting it continue to run over the next few weeks, then sit in disrepair through fall and winter, may leave you with nothing but a broken down air conditioner and emergency repair needs next spring.

Pay Attention to Efficiency

We just mentioned higher than average utility bills. This is a sign that something is causing your air conditioner to work less efficiently. How can you tell if your energy bills are too high though? By comparing them to what you paid this time last year, or even what you’re paying compared to your neighbors.

If it is dramatically higher, it might mean that you need repairs. Or it could mean that you need an upgraded thermostat–an outdated thermostat might be miscalibrated and not reading temperatures correctly anymore, which would lead to system inefficiencies.

Close the Blinds and Curtains During the Day!

This is especially pertinent to south-facing windows. Investing in and utilizing blinds and curtains can save you a significant amount of money since your home will stay cooler, longer throughout the day. Without the radiant heat from the sun beaming in, your air conditioner won’t turn on until potentially hours after it usually does, which means you’ll be using it more efficiently and you’ll be able to watch your cooling bills drop a bit.

Know When You Need an AC Upgrade

It can be tempting to run your air conditioner into the ground. But when it’s one of the hottest days of the summer or it’s a surprise heatwave in the fall or winter, you’ll regret this decision if you find yourself facing a sudden breakdown.

If you have an aging system (10-15 years old) and it’s been showing signs of wear such as constant repair needs or increased inefficiency, it’s probably time to consider an upgrade. The good news is that today’s AC systems are designed to be even more efficient and powerful than systems of the past. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn about your options!

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