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End-of-Season AC Care Tips

top-view-of-an-outdoor-ac-uitCan you tell when you’re in need of air conditioning repairs? The symptoms aren’t always clear, so we don’t blame you if you can’t.

Air conditioning repair is one of those services that you don’t want to wait on—delaying repairs can leave you without a functioning cooling system when you need it the most. That said, we understand if you don’t want to call in a professional unless you know your air conditioner is malfunctioning. So, we’ve provided some insight below on how to look for suspicious AC scenarios.

You Notice Uneven Cooling

There can be a few different things going on here. The most likely culprit of uneven cooling, or “hot spots” as well call them, is damaged ductwork. Even the smallest of breaches in your ductwork can account for 30% of the conditioned air you’re paying for escaping into unoccupied parts of your home.

This is, of course, uncomfortable. But, it’s also inefficient. You’re paying for conditioned air you’re not receiving, and you’re likely turning your thermostat lower than it needs to be to compensate for the lack of cooling.

You Notice Lukewarm Air Coming from All Your Vents

This can be an air conditioner problem that’s hard to notice. After all, we aren’t talking about hot air blowing out of your vents, but rather air that isn’t cooling you down as much as you think it should be, or as much as it used to. If you notice the air coming from your cooling system is dropping off in temperature, it’s indicative of a problem.

Just as with the above-mentioned problem, your inclination at this point might be to turn down the thermostat—but depending on the problem, this can be more detrimental than helpful. All that occurs when you turn the thermostat down lower is that the compressor runs longer. So, you’ll be using more energy, for less comfort.

Your Air Conditioner Is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is HVAC jargon for when your system rapidly turns on and off, never completing a full cooling cycle. There are a few problems with this. First off, whatever is causing the short-cycling is a problem within itself, but then the short-cycling causes more problems—it might not push your air conditioner to the point of a complete breakdown, but it can certainly shorten its lifespan or lead to a big repair need. The best thing you can do if you notice short-cycling is to give our team a call.

Your AC Isn’t Kicking On When It Should

There’s no reason to sit around in a sweltering home waiting for your AC to cycle on and cool you off. Your air conditioner should be reliable and cycle on when the temperature in your home reaches a certain point above the desired temperature you have set on the thermostat.

This can be indicative of a problem with your thermostat. But if you’ve checked that, or if you’re unsure on how to resolve the thermostat problem, we urge you to give us a call right away!

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