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Air Conditioning: What is a Zone Control System?

Homeowners throughout the Salt Lake City area are looking for ways to improve their air conditioning systems, especially during the spring. Now is a great time to call for routine maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. If you have a central air split system, the prospect of cooling your entire home, whether occupied or unoccupied, can be daunting. A single temperature throughout all of the rooms in the house may not be the most efficient use of your energy, and you may find that areas of your home are of different temperatures. If you’d like to remedy this situation, consider installing a zone control system. For comprehensive Salt Lake City air conditioning services, call Design Comfort today!

We’d like to explain a little about the zone control system so that you can stay informed about the various ways you can improve the efficiency and performance of your central air:

  • What is a zone control system? It is a way of dividing up your existing ductwork into zones that can be individually controlled. It is an aftermarket upgrade that is relatively straightforward to install by a professional AC technician. A set of electronically controlled dampers are installed within your ductwork. The manner in which these dampers divide your home is strictly up to you and your cooling needs.
  • How does it work? A thermostat in each of the zones communicates with the dampers and air handler, blocking or permitting airflow according to your specifications.
  • What are the benefits? A zone control system allows you unprecedented control over how your conditioned air is distributed throughout your home. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the thought of cooling your unoccupied kitchen downstairs in order to sleep soundly upstairs, then a zone control system is a great solution. By only cooling the areas you need to, and by adjusting the temperatures of other unoccupied zones accordingly, you can save substantial amounts of energy throughout the cooling season.

For more information about zone control systems, and to see if they’re right for your home, get in touch with your local professional. For comprehensive Salt Lake City air conditioning services, call Design Comfort today!

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