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Air Conditioning Tip: Getting Your AC Ready For The Cooling Season

If you’re not yet ready for the summer, that’s ok. There’s still to prepare your home for this upcoming cooling season. Spring is an excellent time to fire up your AC so as to ensure that it still works properly. If you have any misgivings about its operation, then you can take care of the problem well before you need your AC night and day to stay cool. In this post, we’d like to share with you some things every homeowner can do to prep his or her system for the summer heat and humidity. For Salt Lake City air conditioning, contact the experts at Design Comfort  today!

  • Schedule air conditioning system maintenance. There’s no substitute for professional attention and care. April is a great time to ensure that your AC is ready to go. Your SLC air conditioning technician will thoroughly inspect, clean, and tune-up all aspects of your system, including checking for low levels of refrigerant, cleaning the evaporator and condenser, and inspecting the compressor. Make sure that your cooling system receives the maintenance it deserves so that you stay comfortable this summer.
  • Check, clean, and replace your air filter. While you probably know to check your air filter at least once a month during the peak cooling season, it’s also important to start off the cooling season on the right foot. If you haven’t already, put in a new air filter. Your air filter is designed to prevent dust and debris from settling on your AC components, but it also affects the quality of your indoor air. Most critically, a clogged air filter can actually force your system to work harder than it should, and can increase your energy bill.
  • Clear debris. Make sure that your indoor and outdoor units have adequate airflow clearance, so that they can properly transfer heat. This simple step can save you from jammed mechanical parts and inefficient cooling.

We hope you find this brief guide helpful. For more information about your Salt Lake City air conditioning system, and how to improve it, contact Design Comfort today!

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