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When Should I Have Scheduled Routine Heating Maintenance?

February 1st, 2016

We are certainly well into the heating season at this point. Because you are running your heater quite regularly, you may find yourself wondering: “When was the last time I scheduled heating maintenance?” It can be quite alarming to realize that you didn’t schedule a heating tune-up before the season got underway, but perhaps not quite alarming as you may think. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t necessarily a “right” time of the year to have this service done. If you didn’t have your heater maintained going into this heating season, don’t panic. Read on for some tips about ensuring the successful maintenance of your HVAC systems.  Continue Reading

Should I Use a Zone Control System with My Heater?

January 25th, 2016

Now that we are back into the winter season once more, you’ve probably been running your heater pretty regularly. That also means that you’ve been reminded of just how much it costs in order to keep your home warm and comfortable during the coldest time of the year. If you’d like to scale back your heating costs, or if you’re just interested in getting a better performance from your home heating system, give the pros on our staff a call.We have a few different options for you to consider, with one of the best being the use of a zone control system in Holladay, UTContinue Reading

Why Choose a Hydronic Heating System?

January 18th, 2016

There are a lot of different ways in which homeowners may choose to heat their homes. In fact, there are so many options available today that many homeowners may struggle in narrowing them down. Fortunately for you, Design Comfort is here to ensure that you are using the ideal heating system for your needs. Whatever questions you may have regarding the heating systems we offer, our team is here to provide you with answers. One option that you should give some serious consideration to is a hydronic heating system. Radiant heating is popular in Taylorsville, UT, and hydronic systems are the preferred option by many. Contact us today to learn more. Continue Reading

Why Your Heating System Must Be of the Right Size

January 11th, 2016

With the heating season really underway, you hopefully have a great heater installed and operating in your home already. If you never got around to replacing an old, failing system, though, or if your system has unexpectedly broken down early in the winter season, be sure to dial our number to have it replaced now. Not only do we carry a great selection of heaters, including furnaces, boilers, and radiant heating systems, but we also take every step necessary to ensure that your heating system in Millcreek, UT is a great fit for your home. This means guaranteeing that it is of the right size for your needs. When you work with Design Comfort, you need have no doubt about it. Continue Reading

Navien Tankless Systems Offer Outstanding Energy Savings

January 4th, 2016

Hot water doesn’t come cheap. Sure, it’s an amenity that we have all come to take for granted, but it’s also one that requires energy consumption. All around us, the cost of fuel is in flux, and nothing is stable for long. What’s more, it’s difficult to ignore the environmental impact of energy consumption, and if you’re at all concerned about environmental friendliness, then you may be looking for a high-efficiency solution to hot water. Continue Reading

How Newer Furnaces Are Improving in Energy Efficiency

December 28th, 2015

How old is the gas furnace that’s currently keeping your home warm during cold weather? If it’s more than 15 years old, and especially if it’s more than 20, it is definitely time to consider having the unit replaced. This isn’t just a way to ward off a furnace having its final failure at an inconvenient (i.e. freezing) time: it’s a way to improve energy efficiency. Not only is an aging furnace going to require more power to produce heat, but newer furnaces have improvements that have made them more energy efficient than ever. Where the average AFUE rating (an annual energy efficiency measure) of gas furnaces was once 60%–80%, most furnaces score higher than this today—and some even score as high as 97%! That means a furnace that wastes only 3% of its fuel source.

How Do Newer Furnaces Achieve This Increase?

The basic answer is that furnaces are simply better made today than ever before, with improved materials making it easier for them to effectively transfer heat from their heat exchangers to the air. They have also changed over from using a standing pilot light that drains power even when the furnace isn’t on over to using electronic ignition systems, which are not only less drain on power but also more reliable.

There are some specifics that go into the special high-efficiency furnaces currently available. One of these is the second heat exchanger found inside condensing furnaces. The second heat exchanger captures the combustion gas vapor from the first exchanger that would otherwise end up vented outside and wasted. The second exchanger condenses the vapor and draws even more heat from it.

Many modern furnaces have special sealed combustion chambers, rather than the older style known as an atmospheric combustion chamber. A sealed chamber loses less heat to the outside when the burners ignite. As an added benefit, furnaces with sealed combustion chambers are safer and run quieter.

Finally, many newer gas furnaces have multi-stage burners and variable-speed blowers, which means they don’t have to operate at the same power level whenever they turn on. Instead, the furnaces modulate the burners and the blower capacities to match the needs of their homes and to reduce energy use.

Design Comfort offers heating replacement services in Millcreek, UT.

Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?

December 21st, 2015

With the coldest weather of the year still ahead of us, you may be thinking forward to the overall performance quality of your heating system. If you want to get a more efficient and effective performance from your system this year than you did last winter, know that you don’t have to completely replace your heating system. You may be able to enjoy a superior performance from the same equipment simply by upgrading your thermostat in Cottonwood Heights, UT. If you think that investing in a new thermostat may be on your agenda this year, contact the professionals on our staff to schedule service. Design Comfort is happy to ensure that you have the ideal thermostat in place in your home. Continue Reading

Why Should I Choose a Tankless Water Heater?

December 14th, 2015

Modern homeowners have their choice of the litter when it comes to appliances, including their water heaters. There is a greater variety than ever before when it comes to the appliances that one may use in his or her home. In fact, there is so much variety that narrowing down one’s choices can sometimes feel like a project in and of itself. Of course, you don’t want to wind up with a water heater that doesn’t suit your needs well, so you should take the time to figure out which is best for your particular situation and user preferences. You may find that a tankless water heater in Holladay, UT is ideal. Contact Design Comfort to learn more. Continue Reading

Is an ERV Effective in the Winter?

December 7th, 2015

Heating one’s home is not to be taken lightly. The winter weather in this part of the country is far too harsh and long-lasting to take any chances with the performance quality of one’s heating system. Of course, you also don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg in order to heat your home, nor should you have to sacrifice sufficient ventilation and great indoor air quality in your pursuit of efficient heating. If you think that enjoying efficient, effective heating as well as high indoor air quality is asking too much, think again. Just use an ERV in West Jordan, UT. Read on, and contact Design Comfort if you think that an ERV is a good fit for your home. Continue Reading

Operation Underground Railroad: Get Involved with Design Comfort

November 30th, 2015

While this blog is typically chock full of tips and explanations regarding ways in which you can live more comfortably, we have something different to discuss with you today. Design Comfort is teaming up with Operation Underground Railroad in order to raise money with which to rescue kids from human traffickers and to ensure that they are able to resume safe, productive, and enjoyable lives. This is a complicated undertaking, and it is not something that any company or organization can achieve on its own. That is why we are asking you to join the Design Comfort team on December 5th, at 9:00 am, to participate in this fundraising 5K. Additionally, we encourage you to learn more about Operation Underground Railroad here, and to consider other ways in which to get involved in this great cause.

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