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“Great experience – fast, friendly and very professional in all areas. Sold us what we needed and not what was best for them – We appreciated that very much”

- Steve and Joan Brinton, Salt Lake City

“We can now heat the basement in the winter and cool the second floor in the summer. Prior to Design Comfort’s installation we could do neither.”

- Clyde Coller, Cottonwood Heights

“Too hot upstairs, too cold downstairs was frustrating to our family before you installed zoning in our cooling and heating system. We now are comfortable in all areas of our home. We can’t believe the difference it has made.”

- Florence Watson, Salt Lake City

“Prompt, courteous, and professional.”

- Gary and Sharon Hart, Bountiful

“The zone system replaced two furnaces with one which gives us more space and is more efficient”

- Harold and Joyce Nielson, Salt Lake City

“Design Comfort has been professional, courteous, and on-time.”

- Robert Horton, Cottonwood Heights

“The basement was too cold to enjoy. Design Comfort made it much more comfortable.”

- Sterling & Myrle Clark, Salt Lake City

“My utility bills went down tremendously.”

- Susan Badami, Salt Lake City

“The temperature is more consistent and we no longer have static electric shock with the new humidifier.”

- Vivian Sargent, Salt Lake City

We couldn’t believe it, we’re so happy. It’s just the best. The savings are great but the best thing is the comfort.”

- Anna Hughes, Bountiful

We called you accidentally and are so glad we did.”

- Darel Allington, Salt Lake City