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It’s Never Too Late! Why You Should Schedule AC Maintenance

two-technicians-looking-over-checklist-as-they-service-air-conditionerHomeowners may often hear us say, or even read on our blog, that it’s best to schedule air conditioning maintenance in the spring, before you need the system the most. This is true! The reason we say it is because it’s the most convenient time for you to have it done. This is the time where HVAC professionals are less busy, and it’s easier for you to get a professional out on your schedule to get a tune-up done.

During the summer, HVAC pros such as ourselves are often out on emergency calls, and it may be a little harder to pin us down as soon as you would like. Plus, if you have an emergency yourself due to skipping maintenance, that puts a strain on your household and quality of life.

All that said, the only time it’s ever “too late” for AC maintenance, is if your system completely broke down and there is no chance for repair. We would much rather see you schedule AC maintenance on a consistent basis (once a year) than skip it altogether because you “didn’t get to it in time.” But why does this matter so much? Read on as we explain! 

Maintenance Keeps Your System Efficient

There are 4 basic components of air conditioning maintenance:

  1. An inspection
  2. A cleaning
  3. Adjusting loose components
  4. Checking for repair needs

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner, looking for any signs of disrepair or worn down components. Natural wear and tear in addition to unique circumstances can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system, but routine maintenance helps your system retain 95% of its original efficiency throughout its entire lifespan!

Cleaning the system is vital as well. When dirt, dust, and other debris build up on components like the evaporator coil, it prevents your cooling system from being able to absorb heat properly from your home. And if the refrigerant can’t absorb heat, then it can’t provide cooling inside your home. Your air conditioner will run too long trying to achieve a temperature you set on the thermostat when it simply can’t do so.

Maintenance Protects Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

No piece of equipment or large appliance is going to last forever, that’s a given. But the average air conditioner–depending on make, model, and how well it’s cared for–should last 10-15 years. When your system is properly maintained, this is entirely possible! One of the things our technicians check for during maintenance is repair needs, as we mentioned above.

Scheduling any repairs for your air conditioner as soon as you’re made aware of them is essential to ensure there’s not a domino effect within the system. That is, we don’t want one loose or worn down component to start damaging other components. This would cause your system to start breaking down, and it would have no chance of making it a decade or longer.

Professional Maintenance Protects Your System Warranty

Every air conditioner we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. In order to keep it up to date, you have to have your system professionally maintained. Fortunately, you needn’t look very far for a reliable team to provide that maintenance.

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