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Could a Dirty Air Filter Hurt Your Furnace?

hand-changing-air-filterYou invested in a high-efficiency furnace. You had it professionally installed. You stay on top of your annual maintenance appointments. That’s enough, right?

Well, no.

You’ve definitely done everything right so far if you followed the above steps. However, there is one more step that is too commonly overlooked by homeowners, and that’s changing out the air filter. But why?

Changing Out the Air Filter Prevents Furnace Problems

One of the best ways, aside from routine maintenance, to avoid the need for unexpected furnace repairs is to change the air filter in the system every 1-3 months. Our professionals will certainly check your air filter and change it if needed, during maintenance, but you need to be doing this more often.

Read on as we uncover just how a dirty air filter can negatively impact your furnace. Then, reach out to our team with any questions you might have. While we can’t promise you’ll never have an unexpected issue with your heating system, we promise what we’re about to discuss will help your system out.

A Clogged Air Filter Restricts Airflow, and Furnace Performance

What’s restricted airflow?

First, let’s explain what the air filter actually does. Many people think it’s in place to protect their home’s indoor air quality. This is not its intended purpose, however. It’s actually in place to protect the interior components of the furnace itself from dust, dirt, and other debris. The air filter is located at the return register, where air is drawn into the furnace in order to be heated.

So, if the air filter is too clogged up, there isn’t enough air going in, and therefore you won’t have powerful heat coming out—thereby experiencing restricted airflow.

And the harder it is for your furnace to provide you with the heat you deserve, the more problems you’ll run into later, such as:

  • Inefficient Furnace Operation: Since your heater will need to work harder to force heated air through your home, it’s going to use up more energy doing so. Therefore, you’ll be paying more in utility bills than you should have to.
  • Low Heating Output: This means you’re not only paying more to heat your home, but you’re overpaying for less performance from your furnace.
  • Increased Chance of Operational Problems: Not only are you paying too much to heat your home, with an inefficient furnace, you’ll likely be paying for repairs more often as well, as it will begin to speed up the wear and tear process. Eventually, this is going to lead to a premature replacement need, too.

As you can see, the air filter in your furnace is a lot more important than you might think!

“Wait, What About My Indoor Air?”

Remember how we mentioned that your furnace air filter isn’t there to protect your indoor air quality? The good news is there is a solution for that—it’s the installation of a whole-home air filtration system and/or an air purification system. We’re happy to talk to you about your options!

Contact us today for expert furnace repair in South Jordan, UT and more, to see what keeps our customers saying “I Love My Design Comfort!”

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