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Is It Too Early For Air Conditioning Maintenance?

two-technicians-working-on-outdoor-ac-unitThe short answer to this is, “no.” But don’t worry, we will elaborate more. HVAC pros, including ourselves, recommend that you have air conditioning maintenance done once a year. This can be an easy suggestion to dismiss. After all, who wants to schedule service for a system you’re not even using yet?

Well, scheduling maintenance early ensures that your system is ready for when temperatures turn and you need that equipment every day. Your air conditioner may get by “just fine” without maintenance this early, but is “just fine” really good enough? Without timely maintenance, your air conditioner could be operating inefficiently, or it could even have a repair need that could turn into an emergency breakdown if you don’t address it soon. We can help, if you do have an air conditioning emergency. But we’d ultimately like to help you avoid this scenario. Read to learn how maintenance can help.

What Professional AC Maintenance Is All About

Maybe you’ve never scheduled professional maintenance for your air conditioner yet. Or perhaps you have but you don’t understand why it’s really needed all that much. We’re here to answer any questions you have about this service.

Maintenance allows our professionals to comprehensively clean, inspect, and adjust components of your cooling system to ensure that it’s performing as optimally as it can. When we inspect the system, we look to see if any components need repair. We’ll alert you to these repair needs right away so you can get them on your schedule sooner rather than later, helping you avoid emergency repair needs several weeks from now when you actually need your air conditioner the most.

The “When” of Scheduling Maintenance

In general, we recommend that you have AC maintenance scheduled right before you need your system the most, so spring is typically the best time for folks around here. Of course, we’re still dealing with downright cold temperatures for now, but it’s better to get prepared early versus too late, right?

And actually, the frequency of your air conditioner maintenance matters much more than what time of the year you have it done. Air conditioning maintenance should be done once a year. Furnace/heating maintenance should also be done once a year. This means, by the way, that if you have a heat pump system that both cools and heats, you should be scheduling maintenance twice a year.

Improving Comfort and Safety

The reason why you’ll hear any HVAC professionals stress the benefits of routine AC maintenance is because it improves your comfort and the comfort of your family. AC maintenance can also help keep you safe. It’s not that air conditioners are inherently dangerous in any way, but if tampered with or ill-maintained, you could experience problems like electrical damage or leaking refrigerant—which are both components you don’t want anyone except a licensed professional working with!

See what keeps our customers saying, “I Love My Design Comfort”! Schedule a tune-up with us today and help mitigate your Salt Lake City, UT air conditioning repair needs.

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