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Air Conditioning Installation and Indoor Air Quality Upgrades

Are you looking for a comprehensive cooling solution? There’s no better time to make sure that you have high indoor air quality in addition to cooling than before the hottest months of the year. But because of the design of the modern home, your home’s cool air may also come with some indoor air quality issues. Fortunately, there are many indoor air quality upgrades that you can take advantage of, many of which integrate directly into your existing HVAC system. With dust, pollen, dander, mold, and other contaminants circulating throughout your home, it won’t matter how cool the air is. Make sure you take advantage of an indoor air quality upgrade during your air conditioning installation service in Salt Lake City. Call Design Comfort today.

  • UV germicidal lights. Mold can be a problem in any home. It thrives on dark, moist conditions, and you’re probably familiar with it as that dark lining around your shower drain, or in some other area exposed to high humidity levels. But it can also exist within your ductwork. This is often a hidden danger. When cool air flows throughout your home, mold spores become airborne and circulate throughout your living space. UV germicidal lights destroy mold spores in the air handler before they reach the interior of your home.
  • Air cleaners. There are numerous air cleaners available on the market today. Whether you need an air filtration device to reduce pollen and dander from circulating within your home, or an electronic air cleaner to ionize particles for easy cleanup. The model and type depends upon what type of pollutant affects your home.
  • Energy recovery ventilators. These devices, often abbreviated ERVs, provide an energy efficiency way to ventilate your home. During the normal operation of your AC, fresh air is not brought into the cooling cycle. Your AC cools air that is already within your home. An ERV pre-conditions your air before reaching the AC so that your system does not have to work overtime to cool that hot outside air.

Take advantage of an indoor air quality upgrade with your next air conditioning installation service in Salt Lake City. Call Design Comfort today.

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