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4 AC Sounds You Should Never Ignore

woman-holding-hand-to-ear-to-listenModern air conditioners are designed to make little noise, if at all. This ensures that you get less of a headache and more peace and quiet in your home. However, if your AC starts making all kinds of weird sounds, then it may be time to get professional AC repair in Salt Lake City.

Let us look at some of the common sounds that air conditioners make and what problems they signify.


Hissing sounds can occur due to a variety of reasons. It may be due to the refrigerant leaking out of the cooling system. This will affect the efficiency of your AC and also put more pressure on the compressor. 

Such leaks should be fixed immediately and the refrigerant should be recharged (refilled). Delaying this can cost you a lot of money in the form of higher energy bills and damage to the compressor.


Banging sounds are the loudest of all noises to come from your AC. They are also the most common. 

This type of sound is made when there is something loose inside your air conditioner unit. It could be something minor such as a loose nut or bolt that fell into the unit and started banging against the metal sheets.

It can also be a major issue when a critical component of the machinery has fallen off. For instance, the rod and piston inside the fan motor carry a lot of strain. They can come loose if they are not securely fastened, leading to bigger problems.


A grinding sound from the AC is also worrisome. This could indicate issues with the motor. For example, the fan blades may have become loose and started hitting other metal parts. 

If this is not fixed, it could seriously damage the motor. So turn the AC off and call a technician right away.

A grinding sound can also result from a loose or failing compressor. If left unresolved it can significantly lower the lifespan of your AC unit.


The AC motors can start to make a ruckus if they are getting worn out. If you hear a screeching sound when the AC turns on or intermittently while it is running this could indicate that the engine is running low on oil.

Make sure that the motor is filled with lubricant. If you still hear a high-pitched screeching sound then have the AC checked by an experienced HVAC technician.

Strange AC Sounds Should Never Be Ignored

You should never ignore the weird noises coming from your AC. Something that may start off as a minor issue can turn into expensive repairs if you neglect it for too long. A problem that could have been fixed with a simple tune-up may end up costing hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Design Comfort offers expert AC repairs in Salt Lake City to ensure that your cooling system is working as smoothly as possible. 

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