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Should I Upgrade My Thermostat?

With the coldest weather of the year still ahead of us, you may be thinking forward to the overall performance quality of your heating system. If you want to get a more efficient and effective performance from your system this year than you did last winter, know that you don’t have to completely replace your heating system. You may be able to enjoy a superior performance from the same equipment simply by upgrading your thermostat in Cottonwood Heights, UT. If you think that investing in a new thermostat may be on your agenda this year, contact the professionals on our staff to schedule service. Design Comfort is happy to ensure that you have the ideal thermostat in place in your home.

Set Temperatures with Greater Precision

We understand that some homeowners really like to keep things simple when it comes to appliances and gadgets in their homes, which is why some homeowners still use manual thermostats. What you may not understand, though, is the fact that using a basic digital thermostat is not only simpler in terms of setting temperatures accurately, but can also help to save you some money. Their easy-to-read displays and push-button controls mean that you can set temperatures accurately, maintaining great comfort without paying more due to your thermostat being off by even a small degree.

Enjoy Greater Convenience

Using a programmable thermostat is another great way in which to take more control over your HVAC system, while making its regulation more convenient as well. When you use a programmable thermostat, you simply design a heating/cooling program based around your schedule. Your thermostat will adjust temperatures automatically, according to this schedule. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to adjust the thermostat before you left home again.

Track Energy Usage, Control Your System Remotely, and More!

With a smart thermostat, you can control your HVAC system no matter where you are, via an internet-enabled device. You can also study energy usage reports in order to make changes that will allow you to use energy more conscientiously in your home. Contact us for more details.

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