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How Can an Energy Recovery Ventilator Benefit Me?

Some homeowners may believe that they have to make a choice between great indoor air quality and great energy efficiency. The two are not mutually exclusive, though. Granted, enjoying the best of both worlds may not come naturally in your home, but you can do just that when you use an energy recovery ventilator in West Jordan, UT. These devices can be hugely beneficial for homeowners looking to enjoy fresh, clean air without wasting the energy that they’ve use to heat or cool their homes. Continue reading to learn more about ERVs, and remember that we are the company to call when you need IAQ services of any kind.

Breathe Air of a Higher Quality…

When you are heating or cooling your home, depending on the time of the year, it is natural to try and seal up your house as tightly as you can. However, there is a problem with this: doing so will likely negatively influence your indoor air quality. As your run your air conditioner in the summer, for instance, it is going to dehumidify your air. As it cycles over and over, the air in your home can get very dry. The same is true during the winter as you heat your home. A heater won’t dehumidify the air in the same way that an AC will, but the air will still grow stale, and you’ve gone out of your way to minimize natural ventilation. With an ERV, you can vent this old, stale air out of your home, bringing fresh air in to maintain great indoor air quality.

…without Sacrificing Efficiency

Now, we certainly wouldn’t advise you to throw open your windows in order to let fresh air in during the heating and cooling seasons, as doing so could waste the energy you’ve used to heat and cool your home. However, an ERV eliminates this problem substantially. As the stale air goes out, and fresh air comes in, a heat transfer process takes place. In the winter, the outgoing warm air pre-heats the incoming cold, but fresh air. In the summer, the outgoing cool, but stale, air pre-cools the hot air coming in. The humidity is also balanced in the process, so you can enjoy great indoor air quality while also recovering much of the energy that you’ve paid for—hence the very fitting name.

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